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VSC competitive players enjoy an intensive level of play and training, instructed by professional and nationally certified coaches. VSC competitive teams may play in the AYSA State League, and PCJSL. VSC teams are invited to travel and play in a number of competitive tournaments each season. Our higher-level teams and players attend events throughout the state and may even attend an occasional out of state tournament. These tournaments are fun, challenging, and provide the players an excellent  opportunity to develop individual and team skills under competitive conditions.


Training Environment

All competitive teams from the U9 age group and older practice three days a week with a professional coach. Goalkeepers receive special goalkeeping  training, once or twice a week, with a dedicated goalkeeping coach and then train the other day(s) with their team. Training’s are organized to challenge each  player within the club. Pool play and training are implemented in order to  challenge each player specifically.



Weekly training sessions, each lasting 1-1/2 hours, begin in early July. In addition to the 2 nights of training a week, each player is also expected to attend a technical night of training. There is also a 4th night in which players can participate in a “street style” soccer night. Teams play league games approximately every weekend beginning in September and continue through early February, with a two-week break at the end of December. Our younger teams close their official season at the end of February but the club provides multiple opportunities for them to continue their soccer season if they choose to do so. Tournament play may extend the season all the way until the end of April. Older teams typically play in tournaments in March and May and compete in President’s Cup or State Cup between those times.



Registration is $175 for U-9 and U-10 players. Registration is $200 for U-11 players and older. A uniform/training package must be purchased prior to the season beginning as well. Additional gear that is not in the package is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged and expected.  Training gear is available at an additional price and available to purchase through the club store.  Due to the professional coaching that players receive, there are monthly training fees that are due and those are based off the qualifications of the coaches. Other fees include: tournament fees, coaches travel, camps, etc and many of those are based on the age and team that the player is with.


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