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Vail Soccer Club will once again offer the clinic called Vail Soccer Nights (VSN during the school break in May/June. VSN will occur at Cienega HS’s west and north fields (like last year) from 6PM to 7PM for players ages 3-13 year old. Dates for VSN are 10 random nights consisting of 28, 29 May, then 3, 4, 5, 10, 12, 17, 18, and 19 June. (Cienega HS fields are in high demand again this summer and these dates work around planned HS summer activities). Cost for VSN is 50 dollars for one player,  75 dollars for two players, and 100 dollars for 3 players (email me to discuss options for more players per family.) The fee covers the cost for a VSC t-shirt, player insurance, field rental fees, etc.


VSC has used the “nights” for both beginning and more developed levels of play. For beginning players it is a good time for parents to determine your player’s interest in the game of soccer before fully committing to a season of soccer. During the “nights”—–VSC does not divide up into teams but rather places your player with similar performing players and then works on the very basics if needed, or teach everyone a new move. Each night is by itself a “stand-alone” event—-missing one night or so is not a problem since no team involvement will be affected.


VSN is a great way to introduce your player to  soccer as the clinic does not form teams and each night is a stand-alone event.  Missing one or two  "nights" would not dampen your player's experience.


To sign up, email VSC at with your player's name(s) and birth year.


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