Vail Soccer Club has been in existence since 2007 and is proud to be Vail’s original soccer club. In its inaugural season, VSC provided soccer to 150 players of all different ages. VSC is proud to offer soccer to a variety of ages and skill levels.

VSC’s younger teams play within the community, while VSC’s more competitive teams compete in tournaments all across the state of Arizona. VSC is excited to continue to grow and is passionate about growing the love of soccer in Vail, Arizona.


Vail Soccer Club is a great program that pushes a unique style of play and it ultimately pushed me to the highest levels in my career; college, semi pro, and stepping on the field with pro teams as well.

Kyle VanAlstine

Vail soccer club is the best place for you to build relationships and get the best training in Tucson. I had the honor of having my boys be a part of the club and had my best soccer experiences there.  (Sons currently play college soccer)

Javier Lopez

Our family’s experience with VSC has been amazing. Their coaching ability and knowledge will help any player compete at the highest level. They are dedicated to their players on and off the field.

Weitz Family